"I like to design for people that are actually  going to live in that space..."

Tony Ashai’s colorful and diverse background has had a significant impact on his elegant design style.  A Kashmir native, Tony has fond memories of his father setting up an easel to paint while fishing with his sons.  Tony’s father recognized his son’s passion and supported it by arranging for him to attend classes at the local art school.  His passion for art later led to the discovery of a new career and creative outlet in architecture.


At the age of 16, Tony left Kashmir to study architecture at the acclaimed French modernist school founded by Le Corbusier.  The ultra modern environment of the progressive architecture school was a sharp contrast to the medieval town in which he grew up.  Upon graduation, Tony traveled to Buffalo, New York.  While sketching at a local monument, Tony met Robert Shibley, the Dean of the School of Architecture.  Professor Shibley was impressed with his talent and realistic rendering,  The two began talking and quickly became friends.  The dean suggested that Tony sketch for his feasibility study on the development of downtown Buffalo in exchange for the opportunity to earn a Masters Degree in Architecture at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  Following his graduation in 1986, Tony spent six months in Europe studying human behavior in urban spaces, the scale and volume of urban space, and its relationship to human psychology.


From 1989 through 1992, Tony Ashai worked on the renovation of the Chrysler Building for the architectural from of James Barclay and Associates in Manhattan and in Los Angeles with Edward Carson Beall. Architect.  In 1993, Tony formed Ashai & Associates in Torrance, California, an architectural design form.  In an effort to ensure that his designs would be completed as he envision them, in 1995 Tony established a construction management firm, Ashai Construction & Development as well as a new design firm Ashai Design Corporation.


In 2006, Ashai Design Corporation expanded internationally, securing large scale design projects in Pakistan, India and Dubai.  One year later, Tony opened Ashai Design Corporation, Dubai as our Middle East office.  Now employing over 40 people, the rapidly growing company offers architecture, interior design, master planning and landscape design related services.  In the United States, the name Tony Ashai, is a benchmark for excellence in luxury residential design for all of Southern California.  And today, the same exceedingly high standards are being applied to gated communities, resorts, malls, five-star hotels, and tower developments worldwide.


When Tony isn’t working, which is rare he spends time with his lovely wife, Jamila and two children at his self-designed, Tuscan-inspired estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  He loves art and enjoys painting in his free time.

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

- Pablo Picasso


Tony Ashai Signature Design is the premium design service of Ashai Design Corporation.  This exclusive program has been proven to raise the sales value of our client’ projects worldwide and is only available on a very limited basis.




Tony Ashai has developed specific criteria for which projects will be elevated to a Tony Ashai Signature Design status.  To name a few, the site has to be unique; the project mus cater to high-end buyers; the developer must have a reputation for quality developments and be cooperative in considering the suggestions made by Tony Ashai.  Each project is then carefully evaluated and eventually a select few are merited with the status.




Tony Ashai, the highly-reputateed Beverly Hills designer, architect and developer has proven to have a foresight for good design as well as market trends.  As a Tony Ashai Signature Design, the project receives Tony’s personal attention from design development through the marketing of your project.  Tony will not only deliver detailed, hand-on designs, but also work meticulously with your marketing team in creating the most sophisticated marketing plans.  Due to his direct involvement, ventures such as Dubai Lifestyle City in Dubai by ERA Star, Tiger Wood Dubai, and a series of Ashai Towers have all selected Tony Ashai as the creative force behind their projects.


When choose the Tony Ashai Signature Design, as a part of the package developers receive the following:


• Tony Ashai’s personal, direct and detailed involvement during the design and development process.


• Tony Ashai’s presence at two press conferences anywhere in the world where he will be made available for presentations, interviews, videos, ect.


• Tony Ashai’s participation in the marketing and promotion of your project in any media.


• Use of the approved Tony Ashai Signature Design logo in any of your promotion or promotional materials.


• Invitation to join the Ashai Team and some of the most influential people of our time at an exclusive, once-a-year event.




To have your project awarded Tony Ashai Signature Design status, a fixed fee is negotiated directly with Tony Ashai and his team,  depending upon the size of the project and the extent of involvement by Tony Ashai.  The fee is in addition to the standard design fees that Ashai Design Corporation charges its clients.  in addition to the fixed fee, the client will pay for all travel-related expenses for Tony Ashai and at least one assistant.


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